Tuesday, October 13, 2009


There has been some grumbling about how we have not updated this blog. Since I see that the last post was from over a year ago, I guess those complaints are merited.
So to be honest we kind of took the summer off of home improvements. We got out of town a little, grew our businesses, and ignored the mess while we were home.
I did grow a garden and make some curtains though!

Anyway, we are back in action inside and have been working on the kitchen quite a bit for the last few weeks.

Obviously we need to add a backsplash still. We are thinking glass subway tiles. Also there are some cabinets and baseboards missing.. they are in the basement waiting to be painted.
The fridge looks a little weird at this stage. It is about half way through a transformation into becoming a chalkboard. Like this:

more to come soon!!