Saturday, September 20, 2008

parental vists make our house much better

My family came over last weekend to see the house. My dad hung a new light fixture in the dining room for us. I didn't bother to check the wattage on the light when I bought it.. turns out that all 10 of those bulbs are only 5w each. We will be needing some lamps.

Josh just informed me that I have to do this in a before and after format. So here is the old fixture:

My parents also got us a great new grill. My dad bravely assembled it under a large tree during the Ohio Hurricane.

Josh's parents were in town this week and made our house a million times better by getting us a gorgeous new GAS range (the cabinets are still a work in progress):

and a washer/dryer which we desperately needed:

So, thank you parents! Visit more. With gifts.

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Tornangel012 said...

I of course find this interesting as Andy and I are in the same boat as you, So please continue posting!