Thursday, June 17, 2010

Penny Floor Update

So the short answer is this:
we quit.
After the hundreds of hours that it took to do the dressing room "test area" we decided that our time might be better spent pursuing other adventures (ask us about WonderlandMaxine, Dear, or Tigertree Ranch).  You can still come in, try some stuff on and check it out.

One unintended perk is that people seem to loose a lot of change in there.  Score.


Christina said...

This is a great way to decorate the house, I"m remodeling my house and I did not find someone that can give me a decent price for the labor of this job for the bathroom and the dinning room yet, any recommendations?

Christina said...

is there anyway you can contact me, I"m trying to find out what finish I put on the pennies for the final shine on top of it, I"m not doing it myself a friend of mine that has flooring experience is doing it.