Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Test Section

My dad caught wind of our penny flooring project a few days ago and gave me a call. I should explain that my dad is a master of all trades.. if anything really catastrophoic with the economy/world in general ever happens, my brother and I are grabbing our loved ones in Columbus and heading up to my parents house. My dad could build us a dwelling to live in with plumbing/electric/etc that could run on air or something, he could raise lifestock and produce to eat and then make a mean meal from it.

Anyway, that said, when dad calls and raises concerns about a project you are doing, you listen.
He pointed out some mistakes that we might be making and pleaded for us to do a test section. He wanted us to wait a year and see how the floor held up.. we are going to give it a couple of weeks.

We glued down the first 64 square feet in the dressing room area today. I thought it would take about 2 hours. I left after 4 and asked Josh to finish that last two rows. Turns out that our squares tiles don't quite line up. Honestly, I'm not totally sure why. If you found our blog because you are wanting to do a penny floor and are looking for tips, sorry, I have nothing.

Anyway, the tiles are down. The next step is to grout and then we will either use some sort of poly or wax to coat the top to protect the pennies from moisture. I think the look will change quite a bit when we grout since the adhesive is white and the grout will be black. The pennies are standing out quite a bit right now as individual pieces, our hope is that the finished product will stand on its own as a big complete picture. Like when you walk in the store you say "This is a nice looking floor... Oh! It's pennies! I didn't even notice!" That's how it is going in my dreams anyway.

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Shiloe Bear said...

This is such a great idea! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Someone posted a link to your blog in the comments of mine. Nice work! I'll be back!