Sunday, January 10, 2010

tiles, cows and dogs

So the kitchen is ALMOST done. Its only been about a year and a half, now. In our defence, though, we do own a store that sucks up a lot of our creative and phyisical energy. For holiday Josh reinstalled his vegas inspired Tiger-christmas-tree.

I did the other half of of the window with these cute vintage birds. I tried to find a balance between the birds fluttering about in a Cinderella sort of way, interacting with the manicans without being too Hitchcock-y.

We did manage to get some house stuff done though. Dad came over to help me install the million pound microwave/hood over the stove. Josh and a few handy friends put in a new sink and faucet (two faucets actually since the first one (from Ikea) ended up being broken.)
I tiled the kitchen backsplash. Josh wanted to be super cheap and get crappy tiles, but I fought for these glass mosaics from Modwalls and won. The blend is called City Sunshine and I think its perfect.

Also, and I realize that these are not really renovations or anything, but the house got some nice gifts for Christmas.
Josh got me this gaurd dog for the front porch. June is super jealous and barks at it everytime we go outside.

I got Josh the cowhide rug that he was been asking to buy for years now. The gift was no so much the actual rug, but the permission to have it in our house. Its growing on me, though.

The next big thing on the list is to get the firplace working. I would like to set a date for that for accountability. Lets say a week. Yes, we will have a fireplace in a week. I will keep you posted.


Heather said...

Your place looks fantastic! Brad has been asking for that rug thing for a long time but I am ardently against it.

Sarita said...

Hello! Sarah here at Modwalls. We LOVE your tile installation, and we'd love it if you would be willing to send us your photos for use on our website. We'll pay you $50 cash or $100 store credit for their use. Feel free to contact me at or I look forward to hearing from you!