Friday, February 26, 2010

Motorcycles Are Heavy

Last week, Jason and I carried my CB175 down to the basement.  This picture is very upsetting because it does not show how steep or slippery my basement steps are, or how heavy a 1973 CB 175 is.  It does accurately portray the fact that Ben was not there... 
I have been saying I am going to start tearing this thing down for a rebuild for months now, so I am excited to finally get to work on it.  I know it is not a home renovation, but I think posting about anything we aren't qualified to do on here is applicable.
If you ever wonder how I manage to get so many work/tool related injuries, my workshop is a good indication.  
Every bolt/mirror/nut/cable had not been touched for years.  I got this thing from the second owner with 2,100 miles on it.  He claims it had been stored "in his garage" since then, though the leaves and rust tell a different story.   The clutch is shaped mysteriously too as it had "never been dropped."  All of this creates some stubborn hardware. 

So the hope is to get it stripped, bead blasted, painted and rebuilt by spring. 

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Jon Klassen said...

maybe he had one of those garages without walls. or a ceiling. i have one of those.