Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Entryway (sucks)

This horrible entryway has been haunting us since we moved into the house.  I have had plans to rip up the linoleum and replace it with slate for some time.  I had peeked under the linoleum before and saw a subfloor.  I was thinking that I would pull up the top layer, put down the slate and then add some sort of threshhold.
it occured to me yesterday that the linoleum, and thus the subfloor, were probably added when the house was carpetted back in the 70's.  Which would mean that there was some original flooring under that subfloor. So, all I needed to do was just pull up the "new" stuff, to expose the original and that would be a huge improvement. 
When I took that picture of the old entryway last night I was thinking that this would be the first project on the house that ended up being easier, cheaper and faster than planned.

I pulled up the subfloor to expose hundreds of these nasty little saw things. 
These little bastards do not want to come out of the boards.  From what I can tell, these came as part of the subfloor stuff so that some lazy contractors 40 years ago could just put it down, pound the crap out of it, and bingo, subfloor.  But when I ripped that stuff up, these stayed.  And now that I am trying to pull them up, they are still staying.  I mean, like, really staying.  They laugh in the face of my hammer and pliers.  
So now I am back to slate.  Thanks house. 

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