Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiny Branding Iron Excitement

There seems to be an increasing amount of cross pollination between our home blog and our store blog.  So I'll keep this short but, like the penny floor, it could have some fun home applications.
Browsing Not Cot one day (which you should do if you aren't) I found Shape Ways, which does 3D printing of almost anything imaginable.  Actually, if you are way smarter than me and can do the design side, you can take away the almost and you have known about this for a while.   You also probably call what they use a CNC machine, but I call it a Star Trek box.  As a side note to what is already turning into a tangent Electrolux went even more Star Trek and made a food printer
Now these obviously work well for a store but I think they have tons of other applications as well.   A family crest on an old newel post or a wall paper pattern coffee table you are refinishing.  As a thank you for letting you know about tiny branding irons, use the comment section to tell Niki she should let me buy a CNC printer.

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